Game Assets and Resources

Creating games is the culmination of so many different digital skills, and I have much respect for game developers. My way of giving back to the community is by creating and providing assets that they might use for their own games. Mainly focus on audio and music design, with some 3D modeling and scripting.

I plan on releasing a lot of content I have created over the years, with a particular focus on music. I will cut each song track into chunks that can be looped for various parts of a video game, such as a victory or menu screen. I will also have them available in different formats, such as WAV and MP3.

I use Logic Pro X on my Macbook Pro for a lot of my creations, but sometimes I'll use mobile software like KORG Gadget 2. I can play most instruments at one level or another, but piano mostly.

For 3D modeling I use Blender, TinkerCAD, and SketchUp.